Concept Development

Working with you to take your idea from conception through to implementation.

Developing a new concept along with planning the opening is a challenging and complex thing to do, often getting lost in the detail of set up costs, sourcing suppliers and the resources you need to develop your idea. What is a trend and what is here to stay? Where does your concept and product offering sit in an already saturated market? 

We work with you and the project stakeholders such as restaurant designers, development chefs and creative agencies to help you navigate this with our expertise and resources and help make it make sense. Relaunches, rebrands and all the bits in between.

We manage the project, from inception to completion:
  • Creation of operations and brand guideline manuals
  • Train and develop the team
  • Develop and implement sales and marketing strategies
  • Supply chain process management
  • Design, print and production management
  • System and process implementation 

Openings & Projects

If you’re short on available resource or internal skillset to dedicate to specific project work such as new openings or systems implementation then drop us a line to discuss.

We work with internal and external stakeholders to implement projects, helping to mitigate risk, overcome obstacles and solve any problems that arise. 

We provide a dedicated resource to focus on a project ensuring it is completed more quickly and within project scope, saving money, time and core team resource. 

We offer extensive experience in projects that include; new openings, refurbishments, restaurant rebrands, system implementation, commercial tenders and concept development.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Whether you are an established brand that is looking to refresh and represent, or someone with a good idea looking to launch, we can help you bring the promise to life, with creativity and passion.

Brand positioning – What makes you distinctive, relevant and desirable?

Brand Identity – Creating a relevant name, logo, visual and verbal identity.

Creative communications - Helping your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

Creative Implementation - Managing the creative execution. We create the comfort zone in which work is developed and executed on brief, on time, and on budget.

Too often, this crucial, outward-facing, expensive stage of a brand’s expression is put under the control of professionals who are not brand advocates and have not been on the journey with you. We keep you in control.

Operations & Profit

Need a sounding board and a fresh pair of eyes to review your current operations, assist with taking it forward and converting to better profits?

We believe people are the heart of any business and it is key to ensure that you have the right people trained and motivated to excel at what they do, chefs delivering great food and your front of house team providing exceptional hospitality.

Delivering operational excellence is equally important to the success of any restaurant. Spending time in your business with you and your team will allow us to review and develop your current operations, systems and processes in order to help improve the business’s financial outcome.

Key focus areas:
  • Staff and management structure review
  • Training and development evaluation
  • Systems and procedures - how do we make your job easier and support your team to gain control of the business and maximise efficiencies
  • Deployment of labour, the right people on at the right time
  • Menu review – Menu sales analysis, margins, wastage and stock control
  • Key Performance Indicators – “what gets measured gets done”
  • Strategic marketing evaluation

Additional Revenue Streams

Looking to develop other revenue streams such as; virtual delivery brands, dark kitchens, entry into new channels or franchising?

Businesses often look to add additional revenue streams in order to grow more rapidly. You may be looking to enter a new channel such as the travel or retail sector but there are also other capital light opportunities that offer growth possibilities with far less risk than those faced in traditional restaurant expansion on the high street.

The massive growth being experienced in the delivery sector has opened low risk opportunities for existing restaurants to operate multiple “virtual brands” out of their existing kitchens delivering incremental sales with lower costs. Alternatively, you could expand your delivery catchment areas and exposure by renting a dark kitchen for you to operate your existing brand out of in a purely delivery only environment.

Perhaps you have a proven business model that is trading successfully, and you are ready to expand through franchising but need help and guidance to take it to market. With extensive experience in franchising operations we are well placed to support you on the journey.